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A high stakes political series  starring New Zealand’s top comedy talent

Months out from the 2020 election, Darren Bellows, an independent Conservative Christian politician played by Thomas Sainsbury, is blackmailed by an anonymous activist. 

The incriminating footage of the married candidate engaged in an S&M session with a dominatrix who could change everything. Forced into a web of lies and deceit in order to cover his tracks Sainsbury delivers a squirm inducing performance as Darren Bellows.

A hit series for New Zealand's most popular streaming service, TVNZOnDemand,Sextortion was released in the countdown to the 2020 New Zealand Elections.

Starring Tom Sainsbury, Natalie Medlock, Cohen Holloway, Stephen Tamarapa, Kathleen Burns and Mark Mitchenson 

Produced by Orlando Stewart & Angela Cudd

Written & Directed by Kent Briggs & Kyan Krumdieck

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